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So Doering turned to the site, where she knew the ad would have been posted when Audrey was found abandoned."(I feared) that there wouldn't be as much information in the future," and so doing the search early while Audrey was still young was important, said Jennifer Doering."Before it was lost for her."The man who runs the website sent her the ad but also told Doering he had found Audrey's foster mother and had a few pictures to send along as well.Just two long-distance friends keeping in contact this holiday season.But these two friends share more in common than most.Gracie Rainsberry, left, talks via video chat with her twin biological sister Audrey Doering, and Audrey's adoptive mother Jennifer Doering at their house in Wausau. Jennifer Doering stared at the photo when she received it. The man went into the other girl's file — Gracie's file — and gave Doering her Chinese name and her birth date.There, on the foster mother's lap, were two Audreys."I asked him right away, 'Why are there two of them? Gracie's given name, Tong Min Mei, was the first clue. The first part denotes the region of China where they were born, but Mei and Gui, if put together, mean "rose." It's common in Chinese culture for twins to be given names that mean one word, Doering was told.

She turned to Facebook groups of other families who had adopted children from China and began asking questions.“The benefit of the doubt” implies that misinterpretation is a real possibility and that in reference to admired famous people didn’t really become widespread until the last year or two.It’s been a fact of my life for as long as I can remember, but writing it down strikes even me as crazy: I’m an adult woman who speaks to my mother on the phone at least thrice daily.Nicole Rainsberry, who works as a para-educator and lives in Washington with her husband and four children, said her first reaction was fear — they didn't know the Doering family, and they didn't know why the girls had been separated in the first place.But the narrative started to fall into place as the families talked more.

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WAUSAU - Laughter rings through the Doering house as 10-year-old Audrey Doering talks to Gracie Rainsberry, also 10, by video chat.

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