Thin privilege dating

Thin privilege dating

James Brown of Sabotage Times wrote brilliantly about the allure of the Southern Comfort man, happy to feel the sun on his leathery skin and not concerned about his gut or greying hair because he is bien dans sa peau.

To me, a heavily muscled man looks a little forced.

Now I can’t, because you look like you’d rather be running an actual marathon!

" I suspect my reaction to visibly fit, healthy men is connected with my own vanity - and guilt.

If there are many men out there who genuinely adore the gym, and hate carbs, I hope they pay no attention to me and continue to joyfully go about their business.

In some ways, a man who takes pride in his appearance can be irresistible.

My favourite activities all involve sitting or lying down, so if I meet a tanned, toned man who appears to spend a lot of time on treadmills and sunbeds, my subconscious screams "INCOMPATIBLE!

" Looking at Pratt’s impressive new physique, I want to ask him ‘But when do you find the time to read?

In the spirit of full disclosure, my admiration for him is not entirely professional, or connected with his excellent acting abilities. Pratt told Glamour magazine, "I thought for a while I was going to make a career playing the fat friend…

but doing Zero Dark Thirty [which required Pratt to lose weight] opened my eyes to the idea that I could be taken more seriously as a leading man character." It’s horrible but heartening to know that to some extent, Hollywood is a land of equality, and that men are under just as much pressure as women to maintain a certain body shape.

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Everything tastes better than skinny feels, and most of us will love you just the way you are.

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