The pro cons interracial dating

‘My dad said he was worried I’d become the family’s servant,’ she says.

fall in love, neither differences in race nor religion can prevent them from tying the knot.For the most part, parents of mixed couples do not accept inter-racial and inter-religious relationships, or are at least hesitant about the idea at first. At dinner, he ignored Jim completely, speaking only in Chinese to my aunt (who, incidentally, was surprised to discover he could even speak Chinese)” (Miller 80).Miller’s father blatantly did not approve of his daughter dating a white male.His behavior is understandable considering his past encounters with whites, and this is one of the reasons parents are apprehensive about intermarriage.Another illustration of when parents are opposed to intermarriage occurred when an Arab man and a Jewish woman announced their relationship to their parents.

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When society is against an individual, their family is supposed to be there to support them, but in this case the weight of society’s beliefs outweigh their family’s desire to stand behind them.

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