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Just the idea of not being able to turn to it when we’re feeling happy or want to celebrate, or when we’re feeling low or tired, I found breakfast became a minefield and trying to grab a healthy, sugar-free snack on the run was virtually impossible. So I spent the next 12 months inventing new fructose-free snacks and meals, both sweet and sweet-diverting, and devising a step-by-step programme full of tips, tricks and techniques to help you eliminate the white stuff for good.I hid behind the so-called ‘healthy sugars’ such as honey, dark chocolate and fruit.I got sick off the back of this reactionary eating – very sick. I was eating three pieces of fruit a day, a handful of dried fruit, a teaspoon or two of honey in my tea, a small (35g) bar of dark chocolate after lunch and, after dinner, honey drizzled on yoghurt, or dessert (if I was out).I developed mood disorders and sleep problems, and finally I developed adrenal issues and my first autoimmune disease – Graves, or overactive thyroid. A conservative day would see me consume about 25-plus teaspoons of sugar, just in that rundown of snacks above.And I figured it was time to at least try eliminating sugar. To begin with, I committed to ‘just trying it out’.But after two weeks I felt so much clearer and cleaner, I kept going. I just remained curious…Nowadays I try to keep my sugar intake as low as possible: 5–9 teaspoons of sugar a day is my recommended limit.That’s what going sugar-free does – it recalibrates your appetite. Now I want to share what I found and help as many people as I can make the leap to healthy, sugar-free living. As you do the I Quit Sugar programme, please go gently and don’t punish yourself. You’re doing this not because you have to, but because it might make you feel better.Be alive to this as often as you can through the process.

But the chemical composition of sugar – whether it’s in a mango or a chocolate bar – remains the same. Even though I was eating much less sugar than the average Brit or Australian, it was still too much.

The less sugar in your system before you enter week 2, the easier it will be. Once we take out sugar, the best thing you can do is replace it with fat and some protein.

Your gut will be in a better place to deal with the adjustment and the cravings will be milder. Begin with the baby steps below: ♥ If you drink sugar in your tea and coffee, halve the amount and add in extra milk (which tastes sweet but contains no fructose). I’m talking wholesome, unprocessed fats and quality protein, such as eggs, cheese, nuts and coconuts.

It has for tens of thousands of people who have completed my I Quit Sugar programme already. It will help remind you why you’re doing it, and keep you motivated. So every day that we flex our ‘I’m not eating sugar’ muscle, the stronger we get.

Take a ‘let’s just see’ approach and it will make the process less onerous. I found it helped to view this process as a strengthening exercise. The sugar and corn industries in many countries are propped up by government tariffs.

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Tell me not to touch the ‘wet paint’ and all I want to do is touch the wet paint.

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