Speed fuck chat

Speed fuck chat

Across the tracks are references to Stormzy’s previous work as well as other grime history, with the chorus a chest-thumping six word repetition sure to shut down every rave.

Instead of working on some GREAT piece for a whole year do faster projects. Start labeling your latest work with the official Speed Project stamp.

Big man like me with a beard, look how am I scared? Out here like the Roll Deep song, man I'm tryna put my Co-Ds on I do not know this don, where do you know me from?

God's wrath is the only power man fear Couple skengman, then showerman here Shower man down in my shower man gear, yeah Talk about me you better hashtag problem Adidas creps, don't ask where I got them Don't ask what they are, don't ask if I copped them I go hard for my team, I go hard for my squadron [Hook] Where'd you get your Roley from? Where do you know me from, w-where do you know me from?

[Intro] Yo, Zdot on production I don't even know what to say Okay [Verse 1] Peng tings on my Whats App and my i Phone too The brown skinned girls and the white ones too Girls love me and I love them too I was on the roads when Dizzee made I Luv U (I Luv U, U, U) Talk about me you better hashtag merky Can't chat about speed look my cab man's certi Shout out to my big bro Wiley, that's a badman from early Lo-look I'm a boss man like Birdie, I'm a badman like Shirley If grime's dead then how am I here?

His speedrun seems slow in comparison to some recent accomplishments, but when he posted a video of him getting kicked from , a mobile-focused version of the browser-based massively multiplayer online game, will launch after its predecessor closes down.

We’ll be curious to see if people find a way to get banned quick in that version after it launches, too.

The Banned from subreddit, which formed as a place for deviant players to share their funniest ban stories, is currently overloaded with videos from record-setting successful attempts at getting booted from the kid-friendly online multiplayer game.

User Button Walls seems to be the originator of the trend, according to a highly popular Reddit thread.

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OT – Off topic () OTB – Off to bed OTFL – On the floor laughing OTL – Out to lunch OTOH – On the other hand OTP – On the phone OTT– Over the top OTTOMH – Off the top of my head OTW – Off to work OVA – Over OYO – On your own ) PCM – Please call me PDH – Pretty darn happy PDS – Please don’t shoot PDQ – Pretty darn quick PEEPS – People PFT – Pretty fucking tight PHD – Pretty Huge Dick PIC – Picture PIK – Picture PIP – Peeing in pants () PL8 – Plate PLMK – Please let me know PLS – Please PLU – People like us PLZ – Please PM – Private Message PMFI – Pardon me for interrupting PMFJI – Pardon me for jumping in PMSL – Pee myself laughing POAHF – Put on a happy face POS – Parent over shoulder POV – Point of view POV – Privately owned vehicle () PPL – People PPU – Pending pick-up PMS – Pre-marital sex PROLLY – Probably PRON – Meaning pornography PRT – Party PRW – People/parents are watching PSOS – Parent standing over shoulder PSP – Playstation Portable PST – Please send tell (online gaming) PST – Provincial Sales Tax ( Q – Queue QFE – Question for everyone QFI – Quoted for idiocy QFI – Quoted for irony QIK – Quick QL – Quit laughing QQ – (qq) Meaning “crying eyes” QQ – Quick question QSL – Reply QSO – Conversation QT – Cutie QTPI – Cutie pie QUE – Pause or Pasused ) ROFL – Rolling on floor laughing ROFLCOPTER – Rolling on floor laughing and spinning around ROFLMAO – Rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off ROTFL – Rolling on the floor laughing ROTFLUTS – Rolling on the floor laughing unable to speak RS – Runescape () RTSM – Read the stupid manual RTWFQ – Read the whole fucking question RU – Are you? TPTB – The powers that be TQ – Te quiero / I love you () TSNF – That’s so not fair TSTB – The sooner, the better TTFN – Ta ta for now TTLY – Totally TTTT – These things take time TTUL – Talk to you later TU – Thank you TWSS – That’s what she said TTYAFN – Talk to you awhile from now TTYL – Talk to you later TTYS – Talk to you soon TY – Thank you TYS – Told you so TYT – Take your time TYSO – Thank you so much TYAFY – Thank you and fuck you TYVM – Thank you very much ^URS – Up yours UCMU – You crack me up UDI – Unidentified drinking injury (meaning bruise, scratch, ache and so on) UDM – U (You) da (the) man UDS – Ugly domestic scene UFB – Un-fucking believable UFN – Until further notice UGTBK – You’ve got to be kidding UKTR – You know that’s right UL – Upload U-L Meaning “You will” UNA – Use no acronyms UN4TUN8 – Unfortunate UNBLEFBLE – Unbelievable UNCRTN – Uncertain UNPC – Un- (not) politically correct UNSUB – Unknown Subject () UOK – (Are) You ok? WWNC – Will wonders never cease WWYC – Write when you can WYCM – Will you call me? WYGAM – When you get a minute WYHAM – When you have a minute WYLEI – When you least expect it WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get X-1-10 – Meaning “Exciting” X – Kiss X! Y – Meaning Yawn Y2K – You’re too kind Y2K – Year 2000 YA – Your YAA – Yet another acronym YABA – Yet another bloody acronym YARLY – Ya, really?

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