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Brittni Nicole Colleps is a small town Texas girl, a first year English teacher and coach of the Freshman girls’ basketball team– Hey!

No silly, pull those pants back up, I didn’t just read that out of a letter to Penthouse, this is fer realzies.

Don’t get us wrong now, we fully understand that people being charged with the task of learnin’ yer kids should not be engaging in the befouling of the under aged.

That’s wrong in almost every state, and to varying degrees depending on posted age limits in the other blue, orange and green shaded globe blobs that we are told are “other countries”.

Of course we couldn’t possibly defend EVERY apple polishing head mistress every time we heard about another one getting carted away.

That would become a full time job, a naughty, dirty, naughty, sexy, naughty full time job.

So there, don’t you feel silly for assuming the worst in this story of teacher student group sexcapades! ” That’s certainly what came to MY mind somewhere deep in the list of things that came to mind when first hearing about this story.

Colleps, we’ll just keep these texted pictures and the camera phone video footage we found on one of the boy’s pocket telephonic devices, you know, for safe keeping and we apologize for any misunderstanding. This was simply good natured hi-jinx between six consenting adults.

The defense rests, in between sessions of committing more of these heinous “crimes”!

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The only crime here is loving too much, and if that’s a crime then you can lock me up in a cell with Mrs.

Colleps, a camera phone and four of our best friends who have a better working understanding of what a good thing they’ve got and we can be criminals together.

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Not to imply that Penthouse letters’ authenticity should ever be questioned, I’m not saying that. Colleps teaches Englishes and Basketballery at Kennedale High, a suburban North Texas school near Arlington.

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