Perils of dating a workaholic male

Perils of dating a workaholic male

Let us know what you think or want to advise should be added. Now the “Dirty Dozen” tip –Sure they might earn good money and have all the pizzazz and chutzpah you like, but like ordinary mortals they can come out with eye-bleeding student debt. This means several things, including cancelled dinner dates, stressful nights (and days, for that matter). Regrettably the average lawyer is also a person of intense self interest and competitiveness.If you move in it’s likely to be a cheap attic studio with loan repayments that makes you think you could be living in the Hamptons. All of which means you have a noisy partner who wants you to pay when you go out. It’s not necessarily that lawyers love their work, it’s just that the law is a demanding mistress. They are frequently, but by no means exclusively, Type A personalities.Getting Unmet Needs Met: The well-rounded individual cultivates friendships and other relationships outside of work, and these relationships help to meet the overall emotional needs of the individual.Workaholics, on the other hand, try to tell themselves they don’t have significant social needs and find it easier to meet the needs they do acknowledge with relationships at work.Lawyers aren’t the most important people on the planet.You count too, so make sure you embrace your own job and without entering a “I’m more important than you!If you can get past these then you’re right – if not, move on to the doctors (another set of issues). Understand one thing about lawyers – they are governed by the billable hour, as much as they might want to deny that fact (unless they work for the government, of course).But here are some of the keys to dating a lawyer – tips that will leave you prepared for the best and worst that lawyer-dating can lead to. If they are intent on making partner then they will be governed by a multiple of the billable hours they have been ‘allocated’.

Before you ever get to that point, I hope you make a concerted effort to feed and nourish your relationship consistently over time so that things never get so dire.Avoiding Home: Aside from cases where a person is holding down multiple jobs and living check to check to pay the bills, avoiding what’s going on at home is the most common motivation for the workaholic.Whether she’s staying at work because she’s been fighting with him at home, or he works until late at night because he feels little connection to her anymore at home, avoiding home is a serious problem that both partners need to address.I have to believe that he spends an awful lot of time working, time which could be spent with his wife.But Mark’s need to work and create is probably greater than his need to spend time with his wife, which is fine as long as he and his wife are okay with it.

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