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I wish Ariel would open another English language Twitter Account,then English speaking fans could understand her : D I wonder if she can re-open her old Twitter Accounts....... They are mostly angry and jealous about her money, her travelling and that shes been taking pictures with a coloured man.I can speak russian, google translate does not know half of the nasty words they are saying. Whelp Ariel is gone off of social media thanks to these trash humans, scum of the earth, garbage! Again trash..time you say something do it while jumping off of a sky scraper.The other video with Ricky and another man is not out yet and as I said, I am guessing that the both will eat her cunt as it shows a picture of them both in bed and she is naked and it says she will live out her fantasy. It’s her personal account so she usually talks about her problems. Released on August Bank Holiday Monday,28th August, QUOTE:-This Yonitale Study showing how could be easy to give to a person a pleasure talking to her or him and asking simple questions (Y) These beautiful angels did it great!And yes, she got lots of them :) she kinda a tough person to have a relationship with. And there a little update for all the fans - she just had a shoot for X-Art, so look for it soon. Hope she is wise where she goes and not everywhere like some do and then they are not as picky Ariel babe. From of Tuesday,18th July,2017:-Tims wrote of Ariel edited QUOTE:- Just found out that she is now back on Askfm. Here are her comments: So glad that you decide not to do hard porn. There is talk you did on Yonitale.[QUOTE Ariel]:-Nothing shown because I didn't. MIRISCH-ULTRA mentioned some posts back that Ariel has another twitter account from the one she closed, popmyeyess. So how come there is new pics and videos of her on that twitteraccount? Ariel The Fatima Miracle has or had several Twitter Accounts running at the same time....... Ariel opened up another Twitter Account,@Ariela_Angel ,or something like that,which has just been closed.

Dealing with those on daily basis might be unbearable.2 days after her outburst over here where she was claiming how she would never do porn, the video of her and 2 men came out on Yoni, with the guy eating her out. Ok, well, her videos on Hegre, Xart, and Yonitale get me sexually excited and 99% of alll men jerk to her..yes, she is a Great Porn Actress that does not do penetration, but all else. Models shouldn't be allowed to insult others neither. PREVIEW:- Ariel's long dark brown hair,her beautiful face and her delicious body gotogether very well,as can be seen in thiserotic film.

More oral for sure with Hegre and maybe more of her great nude body on the beach! Another New Backstage on Yonitale showing both Ariel and Ricky nude in the bed. She knows she has a hot ass and loves to bend over to show it and her pussy from behind and Petter also loves her ass this way as he get her into this position a lot. In this almost identical scene to the Tropical Passion scene, Kiki flips once again from participant in a GG scene to documentary camerawoman in something completely different.

Don't think that she will grab his cock at all as she has never done this before, but she will let him eat her and finger herbto orgasm. This may be where she once again let's him eat her pussy and use the Wonamizer on her and then he jerks on her body. MG arrives once again to help the model “discover” that her fantasies may have been darker & than she knew. Ariel should be the 'hero' or main focus in our conversation, not the dicks. Well, you are correct that she obviously does touch his hard dick and knows it's hard and feels it against her body and sure Hegre made her slide down to get her face close to his dick.

Ariel it was fun watching you show off exrotic beauty and I wish you best to luck on your future endeavors.

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Well she just tweeted that she shot with X Art and Met Art and Playboy Plus next. So that's why it's kinda always funny.about 1 hour ago UNQUOTESo her Askfm could be a fake account too. The first one I came across was called something like : Ariel @ Yonitale. But this so-called 'new' Twitter Acount

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