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Meg was a smart and sassy demon and when she was exorcised we saw a glimpse of the real girl who was being tormented and trapped through possession and it was the first time on the show that the guys realized they needed to look at the people that demons possessed- not just the demon.When Nicki returned this season for the excellent episode “Are you there God its Me Dean Winchester” it was this girl who confronted Dean and made him feel for the girl he’d failed, not the demon who took her over.I have seen numerous interviews with the showrunners from Supernatural who think that the problem with casting women on Supernatural is that the fans just don’t want to see any women with the boys. Personally I have enjoyed a lot of the women who have come and gone in assorted episodes over the seasons.Most memorable from the first season was Nicki Aycox and her portrayal of the demon known as Meg.(It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester onwards) Though the demon's vessel almost always dies with the demon possessing it when the demon is killed with the knife, this is apparently due to the fatal injury inflicted by the knife rather than the knife's supernatural power against demons; as when Bobby Singer stabbed himself with the knife while under demonic possession, the demon inside him was instantly destroyed while Bobby ultimately survived the stab.

He was the evil “Jack” in the 90s series The Profiler and goes down as one of the most twisted killers in TV history for that part. The next episode airing in March, has the demon coming back in a new body- with a new actor playing the part.

When he makes himself known to Dean as Grandpa- he is scary as hell and we know it is the same demon! Because both actors studied Fred’s version of YED and took the cadence of the speech pattern and the tone of voice and then translated it into their own performance, maintaining the essence of what made YED the demon we could recognize immediately.

This season “I know what you did last summer” episode 9 and “Heaven and Hell” episode 10 introduced a new demon – Alistair.

She played Ruby- the demon who remembered being human and has no interest in seeing demons take over the world.

She spends most of the season proving to Sam and Dean that she means them no harm.

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