Is junhyung and hara still dating 2016

Is junhyung and hara still dating 2016

However, both of their management agencies come clean about their relationship and denied rumors of a break up.Though they didn’t publicly discuss the issue as it is a personal business, the agencies cleared that the two are still dating.Actually, so many idol stars are enjoying their dating now even though just a few of them admit to being in a romantic relationship with somebody.Yeah, they usually just deny their romantic relationships, and I can understand them because they're young stars who are loved by so many fans.By the way, the kpop idol star couple who have admitted their romantic relationship in the past is a unique case.They've been dating well, and it seems like their relationship will continue for some time.Haha it's so vague it could be anyone They're talking about two agencie S so no Baek Yeon but since they're always throwing something wrong to at least not be direct...

As far as I remember Baekyeon's break-up was just assumed, at the very least SM never made an official statement about them ending things...

But how often do you share a hotel room and then not be in it at the same time?

Though frankly, the hotel bathrooms I know with glass walls also almost always had a switch where you could change the glass from see-through to opaque. I renember she dating that guy from B2st was the "Baekyeon" of that time.

O_OThe only idol couple that I remember that broke up and is from different companies is Tiffany and Nichkhun so that's my guess lol but I'm probably forgetting someone else that makes more sense.commenting on my own post bc this is just too goodthis is either about oreo or khunfany.

ive heard theories about khunfany still dating before so...edit: also didnt people say that their relationship was just fake and they only hooked up once and got papped. I don't remember it but I do remember the Khunfany one.

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which would be the expected course of action if they had.

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