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This team was the beginning of Overwatch, an international task force which tried to maintain global stability for two decades, until corruption tore it apart.

Though Overwatch was disbanded, new crises are looming, and the world still needs heroes.

Overwatch's story is revealed through supplementary material, such as cinematic shorts, comics, and news articles.

Interactions between characters and certain details on maps also help flesh out the setting and its inhabitants.

However, with Overwatch's need for fast reaction speeds and the ability to switch heroes mid-match, having so many iterations of a single hero was deemed too confusing.

This eventually led to the formation of an elite strike team, who finally brought an end to the war.

It was decided that the progression system should not be a focus of the game.

The first system featured a talent system that let players customize their heroes mechanically, where leveling up a hero would unlock new abilities for them.

Eventually, Overwatch's lore is planned to be on par with Diablo, Star Craft, and Warcraft.

Overwatch is an objective-based game, where two teams of six players compete. There are five modes of play: Quick Play, Competitive Play, vs AI, Weekly Brawl, and Custom Games, as well as a practice range and tutorial.

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Inspiration was taken from World of Warcraft in regards to the game's color variation.

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