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this commercial: Then: Doherty and Holly Marie Combs had been friends for years before the two joined up for ' Charmed.' Combs played the middle sister with the power to stop time, which eventually grew to incorporate molecular acceleration (i.e. Prior to the series, she was known best for her role in the show ' Picket Fences,' a gig she landed at the age of 18.

Now: Aside from a really small part in Steven Soderbergh's ' Oceans 11' -- she was that woman playing poker -- she was featured in a couple TV movies before landing the role of Ella Montgomery on ABC Family's ' Pretty Little Liars.' Then: Actress Lori Rom was originally cast in the role of Phoebe Halliwell, the youngest sister in this witchy trio with the power of premonition, but left after filming the (unaired) pilot for "personal reasons." That's when producer Aaron Spelling replaced her with his ' Melrose Place' star Alyssa Milano.

Then: Kaley Cuoco was virtually unknown before (and during) her role as Billie, a young witch who befriended and apprenticed under the Charmed Ones, though eventually was tricked into attempting to destroy them.

While Milano was outspoken about their rocky relationship, sources at the time said Doherty was so fed up with her that she gave the network an ultimatum -- "it's her or me." And we know how that ended.

Now: Milano is probably the most well known of the original ' Charmed' cast.

She's currently making the press rounds to promote her latest series, ABC's ' Mistresses,' but she also popped up in the movie ' New Year's Eve,' and TV shows like ' My Name Is Earl' and ' Romantically Challenged.' Then: Once Doherty exited, ' Charmed' needed a third sister to complete the "Power of Three," so ' Jawbreaker' actress Rose Mc Gowan was cast as the sisters' long-lost sibling, Paige Matthews, the half-white lighter (i.e.

angel) half-witch love child of momma Halliwell and her white lighter. After her ' Charmed' life came to an end, the actress picked her movie career back up with roles in Quentin Tarantino's ' Death Proof'; Robert Rodriguez's ' Grindhouse,' ' Machete' and ' Planet Terror'; ' Conan the Barbarian'; stints on TV series like ' Nip/Tuck,' ' Once Upon a Time' and ' Law & Order: SVU'; and more.

At the time, Mc Gowan's most recognized accomplishment was dating and getting engaged to her then-hubby Marilyn Manson. Then: Brian Krause went from hunky handyman/white lighter/the love of Comb's Piper to elder white lighter to mortal and back again throughout his run on ' Charmed.' Prior to that, he was seen in movies like ' An American Summer,' ' Naked Souls' with Pamela Anderson, ' Return to the Blue Lagoon' and the Stephen King-adapted ' Sleepwalkers.' Now: Krause has since popped up in various shows, like ' The Closer,' ' Castle,' ' CSI: Miami' and ' Mad Men,' as well as a number of under-the-radar films, like ' Ashes,' ' You're So Cupid!

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