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I was thinking of it as hypertrophy = muscle growth, power = explosiveness (or speed), strength = absolute strength.

(The image was from a famous episode of an English/Irish comedy series about 3 priests living on a remote island in Ireland.But I think it's telling that since 1) Raw has become more and more popular and 2) there is more open questioning of WSB methods that the percentages recommended for DE work for raw lifters has gone up. Not-This-Again, is "speed work" synonymous with what is typically called "power", e.g.Now it's even as high as 85% in some recommendations which is much more in line with what other coaches have recommended all along. if one was dividing their training into hypertrophy/power/strength?Also considering that accomodating resistance would be used, are the weights really too light? You could manipulate the other variables so that it's a better tool. It doesn't seem like that was done until people started questioning the explanation in a more public way. The subtext of the article is that speed work doesn't do what you think it does.But it's still technique practice (even if poorly transferred). But what you're asking is why they have so much success with it AT WESTSIDE.

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