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This carving probably was a part of a fertility cult. One explanation of the shortness is that people that used them were smaller than nowadays. The going is also more silent which is important when hunting.Near you see a skiing archer, which is carved on a Viking Age rune stone in Sweden. This decorated ski is dated to early Viking Age (decoration is enlarged in upper part of picture). Short and wide skis, however, are well suited for hunting in terrain with thick vegetation and deep snow. You see a drawing of the ski find with dimensions (length 161 cm, width 15 cm) and a detail photo of the foot space. It is not difficult to make a primitive, but usable, bow.González Rojas, Antonio Hernández Martínez, Martín Klein Schiller, Jorge Morales, Manuel Navarro Macho, Hector Ors Pina, Félix Sánchez, Antonio Soto Vázquez. In 1953 are send to the Roosevelt Base in Puerto Rico, the Colonel Matamoros and the Lt.

The thickness of the bow determines the strength that is needed for full draw and should be adjusted to the strength of the archer’s arm.For the first time since Captain Mario Torres Menier in 1933, has a pilot as chief of the Air Force, Colonel Carlos Pascual Pinard, his command was very short lived because he died of a painful kidney deceased.Carlos Tabernilla was son of the General Francisco Tabernilla Dolz, Chief of the Cuban Army General Staff and Batista´s man.The bow find from in Finland, are both more flat in cross section than older types.Below you have a sketch of this type of bow in unstrained condition.

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In the first days of November of 1954 are transferred to Gary AFB in San Frameworks, Texas the Capt. Jorge González Barreras to receive the helicopters pilots course.

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