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In contrast to the Earth, large portions of the lunar crust appear to be composed of rocks with high concentrations of the mineral anorthite. Furthermore, some of the mare basalts have very high levels of titanium (in the form of ilmenite).The Soviet Union attempted, but failed to make manned lunar landings in the 1970s, due to failure to develop their N1 rocket, but they succeeded in landing three robotic Luna spacecraft with the capability to collect and return small samples to Earth.The magnesian suite (or "mg suite") consists of dunites (90% olivine), troctolites (olivine-plagioclase), and gabbros (plagioclase-pyroxene) with relatively high Mg/Fe ratios in the mafic minerals and a range of plagioclase compositions that are still generally calcic (An86-93).

Rocks from the Moon have been measured by radiometric dating techniques.An interesting aspect of this suite is that analysis of the trace element content of plagioclase and pyroxene require equilibrium with a KREEP-rich magma, despite the refractory major element contents.The alkali suite is so-called because of its high alkali content—for moon rocks.In contrast, the mafic minerals in this suite have low Mg/Fe ratios that are inconsistent with calcic plagioclase compositions.Ferroan anorthosites have been dated using the internal isochron method at "circa" 4.4 Ga.

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In some regards, lunar rocks are closely related to Earth's rocks in their isotopic composition of the element oxygen.

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