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Shannon peered through the frost covered glass to try and find the source of the dogs agitation. The strange dog had run around to the other side and was now cornered by her two dogs.Shannon figured it must have been one of the neighbor Shannon thought. Brutus suddenly jumped up and tried to mount the two dogs. Brutus tried jumping on the tied bitch again, spooking Sulla who jumped forward, causing another loud high pitched whine and then Sulla was suddenly out.Sulla jumped off and there was a loud yip and squeal from the girl dog. Shannon leaned forward, not believing what she was seeing.Her feet were comfortably snuggled into fuzzy slippers. Tracy chatted with her on the instant messenger, chatting about another Facebook game. She told Shannon of another chat program, one that had chat rooms dedicated to the latest game that Tracy was engaged in.It was a Saturday morning and her mother had spent the night at a friendt around much these days. Shannon located the program online and clicked to download.

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Her first orgasm blew her mind and it only made her hungry for more. Sometimes while looking at porn on the computer, others while in bed, her mind filled with fantasies of men ravishing her.

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